The ‘smile UP’ is an online platform service created on the long-standing research and know-how of Professor Paul Kim of Stanford University in the U.S. so that students can ask questions, discuss and build knowledge in their daily or school life.
Inquiries for Service Usage and Partnership: help@smileup.site
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SMILE(Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment) is a mobile learning management software and pedagogical model that introduces an innovative approach to students' education. It is designed to push higher-order learning skills such as applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. Instead of promoting a passive, one-way lecture learning, SMILE engages students in an active learning process by encouraging them to ask, share, answer and evaluate their own questions.
SMILE Consortium
SMILE @ Stanford.edu (SMILE Global), a micro cloud based educational SaaS platform, dedicated to transforming SMILE (Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment) pedagogy invented by Stanford University worldwide to lead education innovation and implementation through offering customized SMILE pedagogy, SMILE software, SMILE content, SMILE curriculum, SMILE teacher training, SMILE learning assessment.